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Fitspeek Sixteen is here! (jump for joy!)

July 20, 2017

Our most ambitious podcast to date, Fitspeek Sixteen is here. To help you navigate this one a table of contents is in order.

  • Zack Neufeld kicks things off with results from the Spring Cultus Lake Triathlon.
  • Kevin Watt drops by for his comments on the Positive Spin Cycle ride held in Chilliwack and his Instagram shout-outs.
  • Our feature interview is with local cycling powerhouse Galen Keller. The topics range from his training motivations to his massive 64 (you are going to have to listen to find out ).
  • Fitspeek’s newest member Chloe Knull gives us a “Tale of Two Races” as she compares her Oliver and Cultus Lake triathlons.
  • Bob Babbitt drops by for his final installment of Bob’s Bitts. Want to know the secret to a longer, happier, life? Bob’s Bitts has it.
  • Our upcoming events schedule features the Campbell Valley Wine Run and the Coquitlam Crunch.
  • The Wenting’s Word of the Week is “Attack!”
  • Zack Neufeld closes out the program with his Between The Ears feature on Mindfulness.

Whether you are at the beach, on the road, or are just a Galen fan, Fitspeek 16 is sweet indeed. Hear it now by pressing play.